Music Therapy/Adaptive Learning Program

Our Music Therapy/Adaptive Learning programs consist of private lessons, small group classes, and performance groups. Our highly qualified music therapy teachers are able to evaluate and pin point the needs of their student. Though a customized learning plan, students are nurtured and inspired to learn, grow and develop their musical skills. One cannot find a much more healing and renewing source than through the immersion of the the mind and soul in the fine arts.

Through the development of musical skills in our music therapy classes, students will also further develop social, cognitive, motor, and communication skills.

Private lessons

With an adaptive approach, students learn how to play the piano and other rhythm instruments. A fun, positive, confidence building experience. Contact studio for scheduling by calling (214) 915-ARTS or email

Group Classes

Let’s have a music party! Similar format and content to that of private lessons but students have the chance to learn along with a friend or two or three. Contact studio for scheduling by calling (214) 915-ARTS or email

T.E.A.M Jam

In T.E A M. Jam (Together Everyone Achieves More), students will make music and perform together. A rewarding way to grow, challenge, and inspire one another! Our adaptive learning T.E.A.M Jam group is called “Crescendo”. This is performance-based opportunity for beginners to learn the fundamentals of playing in a band and how to work together as a group while preparing for a concert performance. Students will be assigned to instruments of keyboard, drums, bass, guitar, auxiliary percussion, and vocals, etc., based on their interest and ability. All music is adapted to the individual/group skill level. Private lessons required to participate in “Crescendo”. Students rehearse together weekly. Contact studio for scheduling by calling (214) 915-ARTS or email

Meet the Teachers

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Aimi started taking piano lessons at the age of three. She attended a performing arts magnet high school and began teaching the piano during that time. She then continued to pursue a degree in piano performance at a renowned conservatory in Tokyo. In 1992 she came to the U.S. to study music therapy because of her passion for helping children with special needs. She received a master’s degree in music therapy and then a doctorate in child development, both from Texas Woman’s University. While she was a music therapy student and an intern, she worked with individuals with various challenges, from young children to the elderly.

Since the completion of her doctoral degree, Aimi has been a faculty member at Texas Woman’s University and University of North Texas where she taught courses in human development, early childhood education, and family studies, as well as English and Japanese as a second language. Meanwhile, she never stopped being a music educator, teaching the piano to children as young as 3  to adults in their 70s, some of them with a handicap or disability. Additionally, Aimi has extensive experiences as an accompanist for brass, woodwinds, and string instrumentalists and has played for numerous student and faculty recitals as well as seminars and master classes.

Her teaching philosophy stems from her strong advocacy for the individualized instruction – an approach that takes into each person’s strengths, needs, and interests to the maximum account and is based on a belief that everyone has potential to learn.

Kamila is a musician, teacher, and singer-songwriter from Northwest Oregon. She received her B.M. in Piano Performance from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY, and is currently getting her M.M. in Music Therapy from Texas Woman’s University. She has worked as a pianist for Ballet Austin, the University of Texas at Austin, American Ballet Theater, and Texas Woman’s University. As a composer and performer, she has been involved in productions with Ventana Ballet, an Austin based contemporary ballet performance company, the festival “Revolve: A Movement Display”, the Astoria Music Festival, the Austin Chamber Music Festival, and A Room with a Few duet series.

While living in Austin, she taught music and songwriting at Armstrong Community Music School, Westlake Lessons, and ODO Sound Creative Music Summer Sessions. She believes in creating an inspiring and motivating learning environment for her students, where providing them with a solid musical foundation plays just as important of a role as being encouraged to play music they are passionate about.

Celia is originally from Fort Worth, TX. She began private piano lessons through TCU Music Prep at the age of 6 and was classically-trained from age 9 through high school. Her teaching lineage extends all the way back to Beethoven and includes many other notable pianists and composers, such as Franz Liszt. Throughout her years of study, she competed all over the metroplex and garnered a number of accolades. Celia’s favorite composers include Chopin, Mendelssohn, Haydn, and Beethoven. Through middle school and high school years, Celia took up the guitar, the ukulele and started practicing singing and songwriting.  Celia also discovered a passion for musical theater and  participated in the school musical every year.  She was also actively involved as a section leader in her school’s choir and show choir, receiving gold medals at solo and ensemble and being named to the all-state choir. All of these experiences have instilled in her a deep and well-rounded appreciation for all styles and genres of music and the vast opportunities for healing and self-expression that it provides.

Celia is currently studying music therapy at Texas Woman’s University as the Chancellor’s Endowed Scholar for her class and hopes to apply her passion for music and wellbeing in a way that provides healing and creative expression for many different populations. Celia is very honored to be teaching at the New Song School of the Arts and hopes to instill in her students a love and appreciation for music that will last a lifetime!

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