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What is Our Approach?

Early childhood is a precious window of time where millions of neural pathways are being built every second! At NSSOTA, we know that “Music Learning Supports All LearningTM.” Music ignites cognitive growth, social and emotional development, verbal and visual literacy, along with gross fine motor skills. Our teachers have a passion for reaching children during this vital time of development through joyful, engaging, research-based learning environments.

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Music Together

Where your student’s musical journey begins! (ages infant-5 years with a caregiver)

Music Together® is an internationally recognized early childhood music and movement program for children newborn-5 years and the adults that love them. This research-based curriculum works with the ways that children learn music—through play and watching their grownups! Through an engaging, experience-based approach, Music Together supports the development of “Basic Music Competency”—the ability to keep a steady beat and sing in tune. Our certified Music Together teachers immerse little ones and their grownups into the world of music using a rich mix of tonalities, meter, and languages. You can expect lots of singing, dancing, rhythm instruments, and joy! This class is a group class for ages infant–5 years old.
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MusiksCOOL Lessons

A perfect bridge program to traditional private lessons! (ages 4-6)

Continuing a joyful, experience-based approach, this one-on-one, individualized lesson lets children explore a wide range of songs and rhythm instruments, with a specific focus on the piano. Our teachers create an engaging environment of musical stations where children receive hands-on experience with a variety of instruments. Our age-appropriate curriculum is perfect for pre-reading and early reading levels and includes rich song experiences, rhythm development, improvisation, early music theory, sight-reading, and aural skills.

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