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Todd B.


Mr. Todd is an accomplished guitarist and musician with a wealth of experience to share. His diverse musical background and experience dates back to his childhood, studying piano until his freshman year in high school, then continuing in 1985 when he got his first guitar. Music is a family affair for Mr. Todd, inspired by his vocalist father, talented guitarist uncles, piano-playing aunts and cousins, and a family of countless gifted vocalists. In 1996, Mr. Todd formed a rock band, performing extensively across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Recording two independent studio efforts locally in the DFW area, the quartet also collaborated with producer Barry Blair in Nashville before going their separate ways in 2001. Serving on the worship team at Valley Creek Church in Flower Mound, TX since 2013, Mr. Todd is also experienced at leading and contributing in a worship setting. He enjoys teaching students from elementary age to adult.