New Song School Of The Arts


Tasha W.

Early Childhood Music, Music Therapy, Piano, Voice

Any student of Ms. Tasha’s quickly realizes how much joy teaching music brings her. As she teaches, she nearly always has a smile on her face. This is due to the fact that she not only loves music and teaching it but she also loves and enjoys her students.

Ms. Tasha grew up singing in school choirs, church choirs, doing musical theatre, performing gigs, and making others happy with her music. As a young girl, she was mentored by teachers that played a key role in developing her musical abilities through private lessons. Ms. Tasha was inspired by their love and leadership and thus desires to do the same for her students.

Ms. Tasha has experience teaching students of all ages, including adults. She is educated in multiple teaching methods and adaptive approaches which have allowed her to customize her instruction to student’s learning style, age, and skill level.

Ms. Tasha uses experience and love for dance to also inspire her students to embrace movement and expression with confidence. She helps her students focus on body awareness and strength to create healthy and authentic vocal production.

Ms. Tasha also emphasizes and encourages students to take care of their mental health. Realizing that their voice, being their instrument, is impacted by their thoughts and actions, she strives to develop healthy, whole musicians.

Overall, Ms. Tasha wants to give each of her students a set of tools that enable them to be a confident singer, an excellent communicator, and a captivating, honest performer.

Education and Accomplishments:

  • B.M.E in Music Education (Vocal) All Levels from Texas Christian University
  • Graduate Studies in Music Therapy, Texas Woman’s University