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Leslie M.

Ms. Leslie started creating art at an early age. Her sisters, who are experienced artists, nurtured her passion for art, as did her parents. She remembers the excitement of taking summer art lessons and many trips to see exhibits in various Fort Worth art museums. She went on to study fine arts at Abilene Christian University. Her career started as a graphic designer for a phone book company in Abilene. She then worked as a freelance graphic designer in San Antonio. In 2002, she began working as a self-employed muralist. Her love for teaching started with homeschooling her two children. This led her to volunteer in homeschool co-ops, summer camps, private lessons, and American Heritage Girls where she taught children of all ages and abilities. She focuses on teaching students to enjoy the process of making art and encourages them to reach beyond their current skills.

Education and Accomplishments:

  • Studied art at ACU for 3 years
  • Designed the cover for the ACE Awards Ceremony in 1989
  • Began her mural business in 2002
  • Painting exhibition in Fort Worth Central Library in 2019