New Song School Of The Arts


Kevin M.


Mr. Kevin has more than 25 years of experience with various genres of photography. His experience includes commercial photography, managing photography labs and camera stores, and teaching photography and portraiture. He likes to tailor classes to the needs of the group and enjoys encouraging the interests and needs of each student through group photo discussions and critiques. He learned photography on film and in a darkroom, but went on to own a photography business that began as digital came of age. He is highly proficient in Photoshop and is particularly skilled in image manipulation and retouching. He has a soft spot for fine art style B&W images and enjoys travel and landscape photography, as well as portraiture and images of people. He has a degree in art but specialized in photography while getting his art education. Until recently he worked primarily as a technical architect and senior relationship manager for Microsoft.

Education and Accomplishments:

  • B.A. in Art from Austin College