Studio Policies



NSSOTA provides year round instruction. For holiday closings please refer to the NSSOTA calendar
located on the website.


The NSSOTA enrollment process is as follows: once a student is enrolled into the studio, a designated time slot is assigned to the student. The time slot is held through regular tuition payments. This is a signed agreement by the responsible party with which there is commitment made to weekly sessions.


If/when necessary, a list of learning supplies selected by the instructor will be emailed to you within the coming weeks. We will send links to the needed supplies which are readily available online through Amazon.


Once your online enrollment is complete, you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up your student account. The studio accepts two forms of payment:

  • ACH
  • credit card


Tuition is due the first day of each month unless arrangements have been made with the NSSOTA office. Tuition does not vary based upon the amount of lessons/classes in any given month. Accounts are not charged higher for months with five lessons/classes, nor, charged less for months with three lessons. First month's tuition will be deducted upon completion of account set up.


If tuition payment is not able to be drafted by the FIFTH day of each month, a ten dollar late charge will be assessed.


NSSOTA does not offer refunds for missed lessons/classes. However, a makeup lesson may be requested for illness, OR planned family/school trips in which case the studio was notified forty-eight hours in advance. We ask for your consideration in adherence to your weekly commitment. Makeup sessions will be fulfilled on a studio cancellation basis. There will be no makeup lessons offered in the case of a “no show”.


In the event that a student needs to cease instruction for any length of time, NSSOTA requires a thirty day notice via email to The withdrawal period will go into effect on the day the studio is notified of intention to cease and will be complete thirty days from the date of notification.


Please understand that we do all that we can to help you feel well informed via email, text message, etc. However, a failure to read studio communication that has been sent to the communication platforms you have provided to us does not nullify adherence to studio policies. To insure steady business operations, policies will be enforced at all times.


The Administrative Department is available at to assist you with any questions you may have regarding studio policies, tuition fee schedule, billing, payment method, etc. Questions regarding scheduling, learning material, or inquiries pertaining to instruction may be handled between the instructor and/or Owner, Heather Parks.

We appreciate you and look forward to sharing music with you!

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