Private or semi-private options for ages four to six.

The piano is the gateway to all things music, and, with our age appropriate, interactive, and positive approach in MusiksCOOL, even the littles can effectively learn to play the piano. In addition to the piano, we also incorporate rhythm instruments, movement, singing, dancing, etc. This exciting experience will be sure to infuse the benefits of music education into your little one’s mind and soul!


 Private rate: 30 min/$135 monthly average

Semi-private rate: 30 min/$67.50 monthly average for each student
(semi-private only offered based on availability)

Just a few of the benefits little ones receive from NSSOTA’s signature “MusiksCOOL” approach:

  • an “out of the box”, exploratory, and interactive musical format

  • little ones progress quickly with focused attention from their teacher

  • age appropriate curriculum to learning beginning piano (may also include ukulele, violin, drums)

  • fully immersive experience in music using a montessori-like approach

  • lessons customized to the student’s aptitude and attention span

  • incorporating rhythm, creating music, singing, dancing, etc. with applied learning to rhythm instruments


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Gift Certificates

You can also purchase a gift certificate of any denomination to
apply towards future lessons, classes, and camps.

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