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Nic B.


As a cellist, Mr. Nic has been teaching and performing in the Denton area since 2013. His mentors are Prudence McDaniel at Blinn College and Eugene Osadchy at the University of North Texas, from which he received his Bachelor’s in Performance in 2018. There, he performed in the UNT Symphony, premiered works by UNT composers as a soloist and ensemble musician, and was a member of the Ginastera String Quartet which won first prize in the 2018 UNT Chamber Music Competition.

His teaching style is straightforward and emphasizes slow practice and gaining relaxed control through repetition, helping the student through one element of playing at a time until it is mastered. He believes that the ultimate goal of the musician is to learn to bring the innermost beauty of the human soul to the surface, and to share it.