Our Programs:

Early Childhood

(Ages infant – 5 years)

MusiksCOOL Lessons

We believe in the benefits of music learning at a young age. Children have the opportunity to be immersed in a musical experience that will help their neural networks make connections needed for enhanced social and intellectual development. Our early childhood music program is centered around each stage of development between the ages of infant to six years old. Children can have the opportunity to take music lessons at our beautiful studio in Argyle, TX. We also in-home and virtual options as well.

  • MusiksCOOL Lessons (Ages 4-5): An engaging, age-appropriate, immersion into the world of music that will capture your little one’s interest for learning music. We use a curriculum based, exploratory approach and incorporate a variety of instruments, with a specific focus on the piano.

Pricing: Individual Lessons

  • 30 minutes weekly/$135 monthly

Early Childhood Music Classes

Music Together 

Something special happens when you learn music with others! We offer a variety of group classes. Students will be grouped appropriately according to age/ability.

  • Music Together (Ages 0-4 w/caregiver): A research based, age appropriate curriculum that immerses littles in the world of music with rhythm instruments, dancing, singing, etc. and other enriching benefits.

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