The Center for Young Musicians

The Center for Young Musicians (CYM) is a division of New Song School of the Arts established to provide age-appropriate musical education for children pre-natal – 5 years. 

CYM Mission Statement

To use music education as a powerful tool to develop the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.

CYM Vision Statement

Believing that through the influence of music, we will open pathways and channels of learning in young minds. These minds will be challenged and strengthened by the vehicle of music at this crucial developmental stage. That the enrichment gained through this program may position this child on a path to reaching their fullest potential academically, socially, and their overall being. 


We are passionate about music education at NSSOTA and we are fully confident that the enrichment gained through this fun and interactive program will position your child on a path to reaching their fullest potential academically, socially, and their overall being. 

What We Learn at CYM

Age appropriate introduction to musical concepts such as rhythm, music theory, ear training, keyboard geography, etc. 

Short term goals:
– To introduce a new musical concept each week through song, movement, age appropriate games, etc.
– To reinforce these concepts each week so the child will gain an applicable knowledge of the concepts taught.

Long term goals:
– To cultivate a love for music and a desire to learn more about the world of music.
– To teach the child how to make hands on application to the piano. We believe that the piano is foundational in a balanced musical education. It is the gateway to the study of all musical instruments. Through this course of instruction, it is our hope that the child gain an age-appropriate application that is relatable to the piano. This approach will nurture an interest and act as a springboard for continued learning on the piano AND/OR other musical instruments.

How We Learn at CYM

Children will be learning together along with moms, dads, grandparents, or caregivers in the following groups:

Bouncin’ Babies: pre-natal – 18 months

The focus of Bouncin Babies is on developing your child’s curiosity with a desire to move! We are exposing them to wide a variety of music, sounds, language, instruments, and cultures throughout the first 2 years of life. If they end up repeating an album during that time, then they are the LUCKY ONES! Why? Repetition strengthens the brain connections. Think of like Math Facts. The more you review, they more they stick. The same applies to music. Repeating songs and activities a year later means your child moves from discovery to mastery and that’s a HUGE and important shift.

Joyful Noise: 18 – 24 months

In Joyful Noise, you will watch your child’s face light up as they learn sound recognition skills such as high/low and fast/slow as they match movement to ascending and descending scales of the music. See how your little one moves to music with its variations in tempo, style and character. Witness the joy your child experiences at the piano and with various percussion instruments as they hone their instrument playing skills.

Kickin’ Keys: 2 – 3 years

Each week we immerse our Kickin’ Keys classes with invitations to sing, sing, and sing. We take advantage of their language explosion to develop their voices, their listening acuity, and their sense of pitch to get them singing and singing a lot. Children who are singing are happier and also have an increased ability to self-regulate. We combine singing skills with steady beat and more steady beat. The research is overwhelming conclusive. Steady beat helps with language development, the ability to read, coordination in time, and lays the foundation for your child to become an excellent musician.

Melody Makers: 3 – 4 years

Things take a big shift when we promote children up to our preschool curricula for 3’s & 4’s. We are developing independent learners who are developing ensemble skills, learning to match pitch, teaching real musical terms, while developing self-confidence, attention skills, and self-control. These children begin to take responsibility for their own learning using higher level concepts because of the carefully written curricula executed with care by our team of excellent instructors.

MUSIKSCOOL: 4.5 and older

Our music appreciation/exploration program for students that want to try out this “music” thing, learn some “cool” stuff about the world of music, and be inspired to become more “musicool”.

– Also for the student who thinks music is “cool” but not sure if they are quite ready for the structure of private lessons.

Come and experience MUSIKSCOOL!!!

CYM Schedule

Currently, sessions are held on weekday mid morning/early afternoon for 30 minutes each. Please contact studio regarding exact times for your student’s session.

CYM Fees

Fees will vary based upon the number of students in each session. Please contact studio for session fees.

How to Enroll

Contact the studio at:
Phone: 214-755-7016