The Center for Young Musicians


The Center for Young Musicians (CYM) is a division of New Song School of the Arts established to provide age-appropriate musical education for children birth – 5 years.

CYM Mission Statement

To use music education as a powerful tool to develop the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.

CYM Vision Statement

Believing that through the influence of music, we will open pathways and channels of learning in young minds. These minds will be challenged and strengthened by the vehicle of music at this crucial developmental stage.

Why CYM:

We are passionate about music education at NSSOTA and we are fully confident that the enrichment gained through this fun and interactive program will position your child on a path to reaching their fullest potential academically, socially, and their overall being. 

What CYM Offers:

Our Music Together classes are playful, rich, and engaging. Music Together helps children of all ages—babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids—discover their inner music-maker by playing with the grownups they love. Our kids’ music and movement classes also offer other important benefits. It turns out that music for children also supports overall early childhood development.

Your life as a parent can sometimes feel like a laundry list of tasks—feeding, wiping, cleaning, bathing—with periodic breaks to grab a fistful of snack crackers and wipe the spit-up off your shirt. You could probably be more organized. Or devote yourself to decluttering. But in our view, what you really need is some fun, so let’s do this together!

Dates/times for new semester:
  • Tuesday 10:30a class beginning January 15-March 19
  • Tuesday 5:30p class beginning January 15-March 19
  • Wednesday 10:30 class beginning January 16 – March 20
  • Thursday 10:30a class beginning January 17 – March  21
  • Friday 11:00a Class beginning January 18- March 22
  • Friday 1:30p class beginning January 18 -March 22

Spring semester Music Together presenting the “Tamourine Collection”

  • Tuesday 10:30a class beginning April 2 -May 28
  • Tuesday 5:30p class beginning April 2 -May 28
  • Wednesday 10:30 class beginning April 3 -May 29
  • Thursday 10:30a class beginning April 4 – May 30
  • Friday 11:00a Class beginning April 5- May 31
  • Friday 1:30p class beginning April 5 -May 31


Call or email now to reserve your spot for our Music Together Preview Week – 214-755-7106/

Preview class schedule will be:

  • Tuesday January 8th at 10:30a.
  • Tuesday January 8th at 5:15p
  • Thursday January 10th at 10:30a
  • Friday January 11th at 1:30p

Tuition $240/per semester

Second child is $180 per semester

Siblings 5 and older may attend free of charge

The Benefits of our Music Together classes for your child:

Music has a magical effect on children. Both energizing and combing, music enhances emotional bonding and makes for smoother developmental transitions. The saying goes, “music hath charms to soothe the savage beast”.  Most parents and teachers realize the benefits of singing to their children. Whether it be trying to get your little one to sing the happy birthday song while they brush their teeth, or a kindergarten teacher creating a tune to help a child remember concepts…. MUSIC WORKS!! It makes life feel easier.

As it turns out, a “musical day” is a “learning-filled” day.

Our award winning Music Together Classes are research based. Read about the benefits that babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers will experience through the different stages of this program:
  • Cultivate a love for music
  • Building a foundation for music learning
  • Makes unique connections in the brain supporting language, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.
  • Learn to sing in tune
  • Understand, feel, and count rhythm
  • Nurture self expression
  • Foster creativity

Your baby is a natural born music maker – cooing when you sing a nursery rhyme or wiggling when you dance to your favorite song. Even little babies are alert to musical sound and respond to melody and rhythm. In one of our Babies or Mixed Age classes, you will learn the musical ways to interact and bond with your baby, support their brain development, and nurture their inner musician.

Your always curious, sometimes furious toddler is starting to learn about the world and to interact with grown-ups and other children in new and often surprising ways. Toddlers learn by watching others, playing, and experimenting. Our Mixed Age classes are perfectly aligned with this type of learning because they allow the children to participate in their own way in a relaxed, family style atmosphere.
Your preschooler’s musical creativity, enthusiasm, and skills are growing by leaps and bounds! In our Mixed Age classes, preschoolers are the class leaders and are encouraged to contribute their ideas and lead the younger children, who love to watch and imitate them. And because music learning support all learning, your preschooler will also be developing other skills they’ll need to succeed both in school and in life.
Got a “BIG KID”?  Contact us for more details regarding our programs for big kids (ages 5 and over).

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