Acting 101/Acting 102

Weekly classes held on Mondays and Fridays

Ages 8+ with appropriate group placement

$86 Monthly

Performances held every 16 weeks.


You may enroll at any time, but date of enrollment may

determine a limited role in the upcoming performance.

Acting  Class* 101 – (45 minutes)

Learn acting basics and enhance your stage presence.  Learn to apply those skills in a variety of production settings.  Already know the basics?  Enroll in our Acting 102 class.

  • Audition tips and techniques
  • Character development
  • Team building
  • Monologue training
  • Expressive storytelling
  • Stage confidence

Available Class Times: 

  • Fridays, 4:00 pm  (ages 8-11)
  • Fridays, 4:45 pm  (ages 12 & up)

  *Class availability is dependent upon minimum/maximum enrollment. 

Acting Class* 102 – (45 minutes)

Take your confidence on stage to the next level as you apply the skills you already have learned. 

  • Extensive monologue training
  • Scene work
  • Advanced character development
  • Stage confidence
  • More audition tips and techniques

Available Class Times:

Mondays, 5:35 pm (ages 12 and up)

 *Class availability is dependent upon minimum/maximum enrollment. 

Meet the Teachers

Mr. Justin Labosco is an actor with over 10 years of experience in films, commercials, television and theatrical productions. As a graduate from KD Conservatory, Justin is distinct in his ability to play a wide range of roles, anything from comedy to intense drama and everything in-between. Justin’s work ethic and his commitment to the roles he takes is second to none. He recently completed filming a movie, set to release in the near future. Justin is also an extremely passionate musician, music producer and songwriter. He is the lead singer/ guitarist in a pop-rock band, the drummer for multiple projects and has produced/ written countless songs for other artists.  Aside from acting and music, Justin has a wide range of hobbies such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, cooking and volunteering with rescue dogs (English Mastiffs in particular). 

Miss Shelby graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theater from Baldwin Wallace University. Her program, BWMT, is ranked in the top 10 Collegiate Musical Theatre programs in the country. She has spent her life studying music, dance and voice through extensive programs, coaching, internships, and participation in many theater productions. She has experience on and off the stage, as an actress, singer, dancer and choreographer.  She recently portrayed Julius Ceasar (in Julius Ceasar ) and Ethel Hoffelmeier (in The Music Man). Shelby has a natural ability to teach and loves spending her time working with children to help them develop a love for musical theater. She is excited to change the world by nurturing one new artist at a time.


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