About New Song School of the Arts

“Seeking to enrich lives one note at a time through the provision of quality musical instruction, we impart musical knowledge that equips and empowers each student to reach their fullest potential musically. We work to create an environment that cultivates a love for music as we patiently nurture the student’s self esteem through each step of their musical journey”.

This is the mission statement of New Song School of the Arts. Founded in 1999 by Todd and Heather Parks, NSSOTA had its beginnings in Lewisville, TX. Formerly known in years gone by as New Song Piano Studio, the studio relocated to Lantana in 2012. For many years now the studio has maintained a substantial waiting list, thus leading owners, Todd and Heather, to take steps towards expansion. Presently, New Song School of the Arts is proud to announce that we are in the initial phases of an expansion.In late 2015 and early 2016 several qualified, credentialed instructors have joined NSSOTA in order to expand beyond piano instruction to include violin, voice, guitar, and drum instruction.

New Song School of the Arts desires to do for you and your loved ones exactly what is expressed in our mission statement. We are humbly confident that we will enrich lives of any age and level with our quality musical instruction.

Students progress quickly by means of quality instruction that both motivates and inspires. Students are able to choose from a variety of instructional options to customize their musical journey. Options include: 30, 45 or 60 min private lessons, MusiksCOOL sessions, buddy lessons, rock band training, jazz lessons (piano, guitar, voice), ensemble sessions, music theory classes, music composition sessions, early childhood music classes.

During our lessons/sessions, our instructors:

  • Thoroughly DEVELOP
  • Passionately DIRECT
  • Lovingly DEMAND

Our instructors work with our students to establish:

  • confident note reading and rhythm skills
  • technical development that produces unique and quality musicality
  • a solid understanding of music theory

OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY: to cultivate a lifetime love for music and help our students reach their fullest potential musically.

Call studio for tuition rates and details regarding instructional options. NSSOTA: 214-755-7106