We are New Song School of the Arts

Heather Parks - Owner and Instructor

In 1999, Lewisville, TX, one ambitious piano teacher, just out of college, who had been studying and playing the piano since age four, a supportive husband, a baby, an upright piano, and some cute little piano students founded New Song School of the Arts. Originally named New Song Piano Studio, through means of hard work, continued education, mentors, word of mouth, caring for parents and loving students, we still have the courage to dream.

Twenty one years later, with an incredible staff, and an instructional faculty of talented, highly educated, and gifted communicators, NSSOTA is continuing to ENRICH, INSPIRE, and EQUIP.

We are a people nurturing your passion. We are a culture speaking life and love. We are an education equipping you to grow. We are a force empowering you to “BE”. We are a mission creating a change. We are a vision encouraging your creativity. We are an inspiration believing in your dreams, and we are a journey leading you to your destiny. THIS IS US! We can’t be “US” with out you being “YOU”, so come and be a part of “US”.

 We are helping hearts find a home while learning music, art, and theatre. We LOVE our students and we LOVE what we do. THIS IS US! THIS IS New Song School of the Arts.


A vision to ENRICH the world through the beauty, character, and treasure that the fine arts add to the tapestry of life.

NSSOTA Mission

A mission that EQUIPS each student to reach their fullest potential in music, art, and theatre so that they can in turn, enrich the world around them.

NSSOTA Culture

A culture that makes you feel valued, special, and INSPIRED. A culture that strives to let you know how much we care, before we let you know how much we know. A culture that desires to touch your heart through a developing relationship with you.

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