New Song School Of The Arts

What is the NSSOTA
A-List Program?

The New Song School of the Arts A-list program was created to help students take the first step out of the classroom and into the professional world. The program is built around 3 artistic pillars that empower our students:

DEVELOP– Give students the tools, assistance, and knowledge to build their own personal artistic portfolio

DIRECT– Teach students how to build a marketing platform around their artistic portfolio so it can reach a wide audience

DISCOVER– Teach students how to network and make connections with industry professionals

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Meet Your Instructor

Nick Cutelli is an actor, writer, and educator with a passion for modern teaching approaches and inclusion in the arts. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southeast Missouri State University and is currently working towards his Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Idaho.


Nick’s career has taken him across the country, with training/performing at Second City Chicago and seven years spent working as an actor and teacher in Los Angeles. During this time, he was part of the Emmy award-winning WEHO TV News and was recognized with the Davis Bennet Award for Best Undergrad Career at Southeast Missouri State University.


Nick has also achieved success as a writer, placing in the quarterfinals of the Final Draft Big Break competition twice. His teaching style balances the artistic and business aspects of the industry, offering students a holistic approach to pursuing a career in theatre.


Outside of his work as an actor and teacher, Nick is a vocal advocate for inclusion in the arts, particularly for actors with disabilities. He believes that everyone should have equal opportunities to express themselves and share their talents on stage and screen.

Why A-List?

Why should I consider enrolling my child/myself in the A-List Program? 

  • You are excelling in your Fine Arts class/lesson and want to consider taking your abilities to a semi-professional or professional level beyond the classroom. 
  • You have raw artistic abilities/gifts, and you are not sure what to do with them. 
  • You want to pursue a college degree and/or career in the Fine Arts. 
  • You want to gain more knowledge about the professional industry of your artistic field.  
  • You need help creating a professional fine arts portfolio.
  • You need coaching on how to set and achieve creative goals that can position you to be noticed. 
  • You want scheduled “guidance sessions” with someone that knows the industry. 
  • You want your artistic abilities to be more than just a hobby.  
Benefits of A-List

Benefits for students enrolled in the A List Program:

  • Comprehensive training and resources.

  • Guidance in navigating the competitive world of the arts industry

  • Expert training and guidance to help achieve their full potential in the arts

  • Assistance in making connections within the industry

  • Saves time and effort for busy artists

  • Provides a roadmap for success in the arts industry

  • Empowers artist to confidently pursue their artistic dreams

  • Opportunity to elevate skills and abilities to a professional level

  • Affordable quality headshots that are essential for an actor’s professional portfolio and resume

  • Education on how to represent and market oneself on social media, a crucial tool for actors to build their brand and promote their work

  • Personal private or public YouTube channel to showcase an actor’s talent and create a professional online presence

A-List Core Values

Vision Statement 
To be a prominent professional artist development program that empowers, leads, and spotlights artists who dream of achieving maximum impact and desire to reach their fullest potential. 

Mission Statement 
To fulfill the artist’s creative vision of growing into their full potential through the mission of:

  • artistic development
  • career direction
  • talent discovery 

Culture Statement
For the artist to feel that their vision is embraced and respected. That through our vision and mission they may be empowered and confident to unleash their artistic expression and make a difference in the world 

How to Enroll

Let’s set up a time for us to discuss if the A-List program is the right fit for you or your child.  Please fill out our “Start Learning” form to initiate this process.  We will be in touch to set up a time for us to meet together at the studio.  



*Filling out this form does not sign you up for A-List.  This only initiates the process for us to meet and get your questions answered.  


Pricing for our A-List Program is completely customizable based on your needs and interest area.


Initial Consultation:
$20 for 30 minutes
$30 for 45 minutes
$40 for 60 minutes


Sizzle Reels:
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It is important to note that there are many different variables that will come into play throughout this process. NSSOTA makes no promises or guarantees as to the outcome of the “A List Program” for any student. However, we can and will guarantee that we will be dedicated to making every effort to develop, direct, and discover the talents of the applicable student. It is our expectation that you and your child remain diligent and focused in their recommended studies as we move forward. Your investment will be upheld with respect and commitment as we align expectations and strive to achieve our goals together.

A-List Audios, Reels, & YouTube Channels


I have been attending private lesson sessions with Nick Cutelli in the acting studio at NSSOTA for over two months now, and I could not be more impressed and grateful for my experience. First off, the NSSOTA facilities are state of the art, clean, and comfortable. Secondly, and more importantly, the staff is truly excellent. Everyone is kind, passionate, and very catering to what I need as far as scheduling and communication goes.

Furthermore, Nick Cutelli has been a dream to work with. He is professional, he has a clear vision on how to help young actors at whatever stage of their career they are in, and brings a passion to acting and development that is contagious and inspiring. Whether an actor is just starting their acting journey or have been acting for nearly a decade, Nick has the tools, the passion, the personality, and the wisdom to guide and help anyone toward their acting and career goals.

His class consists of acting exercises to engage your creative mind, he provides a revolutionary and comprehensible technique/approach to character development and analysis, he helps with self-marketing and business networking strategies, and he provides his time to be there for his students, even outside of class. He has truly become a mentor for me, as well as each and everyone of his students. If you are an aspiring actor, run to sign up for one of Nick's acting classes. I cannot recommend working with Nick enough.

John Doe


I'm 21 years old, just starting my acting career, and stumbled upon NSOTA!! They actually blew my expectations out of the water. The owner, staff, and my instructor are all kind, communicative, and encouraging. You can tell that they really care about their students. I was a little nervous about doing private lessons because I didn't know what to expect. Nick Cutelli is my instructor, & he is awesome! I have learned so much from him in my month ish or two of lessons. 



Both of our children go to New Song and love it. Our son does guitar and our daughter piano and drums. All of their instructors have been great. The owner is absolutely wonderful. She has been incredibly patient, flexible, and kind to our family and very encouraging. You can tell the owner truly cares about our experience there. Their new facility is also gorgeous.



Heather and the New Song Music Studio staff are an amazing team. Our experience is they care and are very passionate about teaching. They make sure myself as a parent and my child is comfortable and happy. Heather responds quickly and is always reaching out to make sure we are being taken care of. We cannot say enough about how much we appreciate how Heather goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy. New Song Music Studio is a blessing, and I look forward to seeing my children learn and grow in more than just their music.